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Growing up in Soquel, roaming these mountains on dirtbikes or horseback, working hard on the family ranch, marrying my beautiful amazing wife Michelle in ’88, buying a home, raising my family, all leading up to me standing here at my shop with this new Briggs and Stratton small engine on my shoulder.

Small Engine Repair and Servicing

Regular Servicing

Anything equiped with an internal combustion engine, weather it runs on Gasoline, Propane, Natural Gas or Diesel, needs fresh oil, filters and some TLC from time to time (more than every other decade!).

On-Site Servicing for Generators (or other machines) starts at $165 for the first hour, then the standard $65 an hour at 1/2 hour increments. Plus parts if needed. A ll waste is cleanly collected and taken for recycling. For an on-site Stand-By generator servicing, customers are encouraged to buy the maintenance supplys in advance. The Air Filter, Oil Filter and Spark Plug(s) are specific to the brand and model of the generator. Generac and Onan manufactureres sell maintenance kits on their website. No need to buy engine oil, I provide that, included as part of the service. Unless you want special Synthetic Oil. Synthetic is redily avilable, but costs more. Also applies to Riding Mowers & Lawn Tractors.

In-Shop servicing for just about any small engine equiped machine is $65 per hour. In addition to fluid and filter changes I will also sharpen any cutting blades on the machine (mowers, chainsaws, etc… with some exceptions), lube controll cables, and more.

My repair shop is located on private property in the Soquel Mtns. Part of my service includes transporting your machine to my shop and back to you afterward for no additional charge (some limitations apply). I may charge a bit for transport if you’re pretty far from my shop or a trailer is needed. Of course we will agree on transport costs if any, in advance.

Repair Services

About 90% of the calls I receive start out like this, “Hi, I have a … (machine) and it ran great the last time I used it but, now it won’t start” or “it’s not running right, can you fix it”? Machines that need engine repairs typically need to come to my shop. In most cases there is No Charge for picking up and returning your machine (some limitations apply) afterward. It is $65 per hour for diagnostic and repair work, plus parts of course. When we talk about the problem your machine is having we will agree on a game-plan for repair. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to spend money on labor or parts if it turns out the cost is more than the machine is worth to you. I will always give my honest opinion on the condition and potential costs to repair a machine so you can make an informed decision.

Buying, Selling and Disposing of Machines

Although I am not interested in buying and selling used machines, I do keep a list of customers who are selling a machine or looking for a used one.

Disposing of old derilict machines can be a problem for a lot of folks. I may be able to help with the transport and disposal. Buena Vista Recycle Center will accept Mowers, Chainsaws, Wackers, Old Generators and more as long as all Gas and Oil is removed.

Larger machines like Riding Mowers and big rototillers, are accepted but they charge by the pound to accept them. For example, a riding mower with an engine recently cost $75 to drop off. These large machines will require a truck & trailer to transport which I have available and charge a small fee for the tailer use in addition to my labor and estimated dump fees if applicable. If you need this service, give me a call 831-706-0397 so we can talk about it.

I’m in the Making People Happy Business

Peter Zajda (RIP My Friend)

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